<h1>What is Ganoderma or Reishi?


The name of this medicinal mushroom, Ganoderma Lucidum , comes from the Greek "ganos" or glow and "dermos" skin and the species name "Lucidum" comes from Latin and means shiny. The Reishi has been considered by the Chinese culture for 4000 years as " the miraculous king of herbs ". The ability of Ganoderma to increase the longevity and healing capacity of our body has made Ganoderma a medicinal mushroom that is cited in many traditional Chinese medicine books.

The Reishi , the name by which this medicinal mushroom is also known, is mainly composed of complex carbohydrates called water-soluble polysaccharides, triterpenes, proteins and amino acids. There is research that the most active element of ganoderma lucidum , with antitumor effects, are water-soluble polysaccharides.

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Triterpenes, another active ingredient found in reishi (also called ganoderic acids) help relieve common allergies by inhibiting histamine release, improving oxygen utilization and improving liver functions .

For all these reasons, a regular consumption of reishi can improve our body's immune system and improve blood circulation, improving and strengthening our health. In general, ganoderma is recommended as an adaptogen, immunomodulator, and general tonic. An adaptogen , is a product capable of increasing vitality and general well-being of people. It has the ability to help the body adapt to stressful environmental or personal situations, strengthening the immune, nervous and endocrine systems.


What is Ganoderma used for?

During the last decades in several countries (Japan, China, U.S.A., U.S.A., etc.), the following have been done. and the United Kingdom) numerous scientific studies in which ganoderma lucidum has been used to treat a wide range of common diseases and ailments. From asthma to zoster, the applications of reishi appear to be related to a multitude of organs and body systems.

reishi is also used to help treat liver conditions, bronchitis, hypertension, insomnia and asthma. Other mushrooms and apadtogenic products besides reishi are shiitake, gingseng, maitake, ...

Reishi as a food supplement

The medicinal mushroom ganoderma or reishi is not generally used as a food mushroom. Its texture is too hard and it has a bitter taste. Its use is in the form of food supplement .

Reishi or Ganoderma has very high nutritional properties. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B, calcium and silicon. It may contain about 200 micronutrients, of which 154 are powerful active antioxidants of vital importance for our organism.


The vast majority of research conducted on ganoderma lucidum appears to strongly support the role of reishi as a dietary supplement that may result in medical benefits through the normalization and regulation of the body's organs and their functions.

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