MANUAL DE HERBORISTERÍA Cultivo. Herborización. Usos M. Pierre

Ediciones OMEGA
<p>This work leads us from the collection and selection of medicinal plants to their preparation and tasting.

To facilitate the search in the book, the plants are arranged alphabetically by their common name, and in each card the common names in different languages are given together with the scientific name. Whether the plants are familiar to us or not, the authors will teach us how to recognize them. The book gathers countless practical and medicinal recipes for the improvement of our well-being, which makes it a true garden of good health.

Entrega 3-5 días


Cultivation and herbalism. The garden. Balconies of health. Herbalizing. Calendar of harvests. Terms used in herbalism. How to use plants.

Plants from A to Z.

The good use of plants. Virtues of plants. Yesterday's recipes, today's remedies. Recipes of health. Infusions.

Alphabetical index.

With 300 color photographs

Author/s: M. Pierre

Binding: Softcover

Printing: Color

Number of pages: 464

Year of publication: 2007

Translator/s: Pijoan, M.

ISBN: 978-84-282-1292-2

Size: 14 (width) x 23 (height)