G.C. AVES DE ESPAÑA Y DE EUROPA R.T. Peterson, G. Mountfort, P.A.D. Hollom

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<p>For approximately 40 years, the Peterson has been the standard field guide to the birds of Spain and Europe, providing a concise guide to recognizing the most essential features of birds.

This new edition has been rewritten from the first to the last page. All the plates have been redone (the number has increased from 77 to 96) and all the maps have been updated. But this is not just a field guide for the expert. According to its illustrator, known worldwide for his classic guides, the purpose of this field guide is to make it easier for 999 out of 1000 readers to identify birds.

Undoubtedly the most authoritative and best illustrated bird pocket book ever published. DAILY EXPRESS

An authoritative book, very handy, generously illustrated and with easy text. The authors have done an excellent job. THE TIMES

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Geographical area covered by the guide. How to identify birds. Main ornithological associations of Spain and Europe. List of European birds. Topography of a bird. Colimbos. Grebes. Albatrosses. Petrels and shearwaters. Storm petrels. Gannets. Cormorants. Pelicans. Herons and bitterns. Storks. Spoonbills and ibises. Flamingos. Geese, swans and ducks. Kites, buzzards, sparrow hawks, eagles, vultures, etc. Ospreys. Hawks. Moorhens. Partridges and pheasants. Bullfinches. Scrakes. Moorhens and coots. Cranes. Great bustards. Oystercatchers. Stilts and avocets. Stone-curlews. Runners and canasteras. Plovers. Sandpipers, godwits, godwits, curlews, wrens, snipes. Pigeons. Gulls. Terns, terns, terns and pagazas. Alcids. Gangas. Pigeons and turtledoves. Parrots. Cuckoos. Owls. Owls. Nightjars. Swifts. Kingfishers. Bee-eaters. Carracas. Hoopoes. Woodpeckers. Larks. Swallows and planes. Pipits and wagtails. Ampelis. Blackbirds. Wren. Accentors. Wheatears, stonechats, thrushes. Warblers. Warblers, gnatcatchers. Flycatchers. Whiskers. Mythical. Coal Tit and Blue Tit. Nuthatches. Wallcreepers. Treecreepers. Penduline flycatcher. Oropendola. Shrikes. Crows and magpies. Starlings. Sparrows. Coral woodpeckers. Vireos. Fringilids. Warblers. Bunting. Turpipers.

With 1520 color illustrations and 366 distribution maps

Fifth revised and enlarged edition

Author(s): R.T. Peterson, G. Mountfort, P.A.D. Hollom

Binding: Hardcover

Printing: Color

Number of pages: 624

Year of publication: 1995

Number of editions: 5

ISBN: 978-84-282-1033-1

Size: 12 (width) x 20 (height)