Roman spring scale 12 kg

Roman spring scale 12 kg

<p> Roman spring scale up to 12 kg that you can use to weigh your mushroom basket , suitcases, bags, ..... It is very useful when there is a limit of kg of mushrooms collected per person


Entrega 3-5 días

Roman type spring scale, weight capacity 12 kg

You will be able to know exactly how much edible mushrooms and fungi you have in your basket. Very useful in mycological preserves or in localities where there is an established maximum amount of mushrooms per person.

Avoid being penalized!

Features Roman spring scale

  • Aluminum cover
  • Steel hooks, body and springs
  • Mechanical dynamometer
  • Measuring in kg and lb
  • Single spring mechanism
  • Capacity 12 kg
  • Minimum division 0. 25 kg
  • Minimum weight 2.5 kg
  • Total length 17 cm