Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2
Leatherman Free P2


<p> The Leatherman Free P2 multi-purpose tool is a multi-functional tool with 19 different functionalities made of a combination of stainless steel and 420HC . It incorporates a magnetic body with one hand opening system and locking noise . Includes nylon sheath finished in gray color.

Entrega 3-5 días

The prestigious multi-tool manufacturer Leatherman has gone full circle in its production of products like this one. Among the most outstanding novelties of the Free P Collection it is important to highlight the change of the external structure, as it now has a magnetic and ergonomic body, as well as the installation of one-hand opening systems in all its elements.

Stainless Steel

All the elements that make up the multifunctional and magnetic structure of the Leatherman Free P2 have been designed with this type of material, which is characterized by its incredible immunity against contact with ferrous elements. In addition, it is a chemical element capable of withstanding impacts against objects

. Compared to other metals, steel resists fire in a truly incredible way, as it can withstand extreme temperatures that far exceed +100 C . Also, these Leatherman pliers can be cleaned quickly and easily , so no extra maintenance is required.

420HC steel

The blades of the main blades of this pliers Free P4 is designed in this type of alloy which has a high carbon content , hence this model is useful to work for a long period of time without suffering any kind of rust. In addition, it is a steel that has a good edge retention , so it does not require a lot of maintenance.

Likewise, it is important to highlight as an innovation of the production of Leatherman for this 2019 the possibility of opening all the elements with one hand , a useful technology to reduce times of use in emergency situations. The locking noise will make the use of the multi-tool more effective.


This multi-functional model presents a total of 19 different configurations that the user can choose from in a comfortable and simple way. At the same time, all modes are accessible in seconds , as this Free P4 has a unique structure within the world of multi-purpose pliers.

  1. Fine needle nose pliers
  2. Common pliers
  3. Premium replaceable wire cutters.
  4. Premium replaceable wire cutters.
  5. 420HC combination blade.
  6. Spring-loaded scissors.
  7. Bottle opener.
  8. Lever.
  9. Package opener.
  10. Can opener.
  11. Awl.
  12. Wire stripper.
  13. Ruler (25 mm).
  14. Wood/metal file.
  15. Crimping tool.
  16. Phillips screwdriver.
  17. Medium screwdriver.
  18. Small screwdriver.
  19. Extra-small screwdriver.


You no longer have to worry about carrying the Free P2 pliers, as Leatherman has included in this model a gray nylon pouch with the manufacturers logo over-printed on it. In this way, the user will be able to carry the pliers easily and comfortably .

Specific characteristics

  • Weight: 215 gr
  • Closed length: 10,7 cm
  • Material: Stainless steel. / 420HC
  • Functions: 19