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Flavored oil with black truffle, 100 ml

Flavored oil with black truffle, 100 ml

100 ml spray bottle of extra virgin olive oil flavored with black truffle

Produced in the province of Castellón

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BLACK TRUFFLE OILThe olive oil acquires an intense, unique fragrance.

NAME: Black Truffle flavored oil PRESENTATION: Formats: Marasca Bottle 100 ml.Contents: 100 ml.Net Weight: 100 g.Net Drained Weight: 0NUTRIENT VALUE PER 100 G: Energy 815 Kcal. / 3410 Kj.Proteins 0,00 g.Carbohydrates 0,00 g.of which sugars 0,00 g.Lipids 90,00 g.of which saturated fatty acids 12,00 g.Fibers 0,00 g. Sodium 0,00 g.of which salt 0,00 g.STABILITY AND CHARACTERISTICS Shelf life - TMC 24 monthsStorage Store away from light and heatStability 0 PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS (GMO / RADIATION / IONIZATION / ALLERGENS) Absent (HEAVY METAL / PESTICIDES) Absent

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