Chocolate with Cordyceps, ginger and lemon

Chocolate with Cordyceps, ginger and lemon

Hifas da Terra

Cordyceps, ginger and lemon Chocolate


Why Chocolate Energy Booster with Cordyceps, ginger and lemon? Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis) is the species known as the energy mushroom due to its use in Tibetan medicine as an invigorating substance. It contains polysaccharides (α- and β-glucans), proteins, amino acids, sterols, polyamines, fatty acids, nucleosides, saccharides, etc. For its part, the combination of lemon and ginger brings an exceptional flavor with the essential nutrients of these two great foods.The qualities of our chocolatesOrganic ingredients: cocoa from Dominican Republic, golden brown sugar from Brazil, lemon, ginger and Cordyceps from Hifas da Terra.We do not add refined sugars or preservatives. This organic chocolate is free of gluten, flavorings, starch, wheat, corn and lecithin, as well as other soy derivatives.Artisan chocolate made in Spain.For the elaboration of this chocolate, in Hifas da Terra we have selected the best organic dark chocolate (56% cocoa) and selected organic mushrooms that we grow ourselves. After harvesting, we dehydrate them at less than 40 ºC to keep their properties intact and store in a cool, dry place away from odors. The ideal storage temperature is 15-18 ºC.Our goal is to offer you a special food with which we invite you to incorporate mushrooms into your daily life to enjoy their properties and those of other natural ingredients that we select with you in mind.100 g / 4.7 oz II 1 ounce = 18 kcal

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