Mycology initiation guide. Los Alcornocales Natural Park

Mycology initiation guide. Los Alcornocales Natural Park

Editorial La Serrania

Complete mycological guide to the Alcornocales Natural Park, Cadiz


The growing fondness for collecting wild mushrooms in Andalusia, and especially in the Natural Park Los Alcornocales, makes necessary publications like this one that introduce inexperienced collectors in mycology and prevent poisoning with tragic consequences, in an entertaining and clear way.After some introductory chapters, where a brief review of all aspects related to the attractive world of mushrooms is made, 40 different species of mushrooms are described, divided into edible, toxic in raw and toxic. For each of them a common and scientific name is given, their morphological characteristics are described and their habitat, harvesting season, way of life, abundance, edibility, some questions to be taken into account in relation to their possible confusion with other species and certain observations are indicated. We have not overlooked the fact that mushrooms are of great importance for the inhabitants of the municipalities that make up the Los Alcornocales Natural Park, which is why the last sections of this publication include the different initiatives that are being carried out to enhance the value of this forest resource and the culinary aspect of mushrooms.Title: Introductory Guide to Mycology. Parque Natural Los AlcornocalesAuthors: Manuel Becerra Parra and Estrella Robles DomínguezPublisher: La SerraníaISBN: 978-84-15030-50-8Pages: 96 color pagesFormat: 12×21 cmBinding: Paperback, with flaps

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