7 cm locking knife

7 cm locking knife

Martínez Albainox

Mushroom knife with a curved cut. Blade of 7 cm and handle of elegant and soft wood. Ideal for oyster mushrooms, niscalos, ...


The traditional curved edge of the clasp knife has been the preferred way to collect mushrooms that grow close to the ground. Chanterelles, carlets, oyster mushrooms, ... species with a short foot and that must be cut to be harvested with care. With this knife tranchete you will be able to collect this type of edible mushrooms without problems.

Its 7 cm of edge of the best stainless steel, make that closed it does not occupy much space and that it is very light and manageable.

Features of 7 cm lock knife:

Handle: WoodSheet: Stainless steelSize of blade: 7 cmPresentation: Color Box
Jose Carlos
2020-10-23 14:16:28
Para las setas es ideal
Purchased products: Medium-sized chestnut mushroom basket (domestic manufacture) 7 cm locking knife
2019-12-09 22:19:19
Navaja recomendable.
Purchased products: Wicker basket with green zipper lid 7 cm locking knife
2019-11-26 20:31:00
Perfecta para recolectar las setas de cardo,no es muy grande y es muy manejable. Me gusta mucho, muy satisfecho
Purchased products: 7 cm locking knife Black rotary knife sheath

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