Chestnut sapling, Castanea sativa Mill, 24 pcs.

Chestnut sapling, Castanea sativa Mill, 24 pcs.

24 Chestnut seedlings, Castanea sativa Mill, single sap, presented in a box ready to plant. Give trees as a gift


Chestnut tree seedling Castanea sátiva Mill 24 pcs

Chestnut tree of one sap, with root ball and soil.

FADING LEAF TREE: leafless period from September to March.

Robust, straight and slender tree, up to 35m. high. Simple and deciduous leaves, 15 to 20cm. long. Rounded crown, very branched and dense. Its fruit, the chestnut, is rich in carbohydrates, proteins and vitamin C.

This species, common in the northern region of the peninsula, needs relatively humid and cool climates, so it should be located in sheltered areas, preferably north and with frequent watering. It has some resistance to cold and can live in almost all types of soils, preferring acid soils.

Available in box of 24 pcs