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Grow your own mushrooms pack

Grow your own mushrooms pack

The gift pack for those who want to get started in the cultivation of mushrooms, pleorotus, shiitake, ... It includes everything you need to start a mycological cultivation at home. Do you want to know how to grow mushrooms at home? This pack has it all included!

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This pack contains

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Mushroom growing starter pack. If you are interested in growing mushrooms at home, with this gift pack you will have it all in one, a myco kit of oyster mushroom, a hygrometer and a book to learn how to grow mushrooms at home.

You will receive a micokit of pleorotus eryngii, 4,5 Kgs of oyster mushroom substrate with which you can get started in the mycological cultivation.

We include the book Cultivation of mushrooms and truffles, a classic manual written by a prestigious mycologist that will teach you the tricks and procedures to get good harvests.

With the hygrometer and soil PH meter you will measure PH and the humidity level of the substrate to ensure that it is always in perfect conditions for the carpophores to grow large and abundant.

Now you have no excuse not to start your own pleurotus eryngii culture.

And dont forget to send us photos of your culture!

In the event that one of the items is not available, it will be replaced by another of similar characteristics

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