Oyster mushroom alpaca 17 kg
Oyster mushroom alpaca 17 kg
Oyster mushroom alpaca 17 kg
Oyster mushroom alpaca 17 kg

Oyster mushroom alpaca 17 kg

Complete alpaca for home cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus, oyster mushroom. Alpaca of girgola of 17 kg to cultivate at home. Oyster mushroom bullet

Mushroom kits and alpacas are shipped from Monday to Wednesday to ensure controlled transport conditions at all times. If you need to receive your order by a certain date, please contact us


Growing instructions: Instructions for the care of your Pleorotus ostreatus alpaca

Receipt of the culture kit: remove the box or bag that protected your kit during transport. Check that your kit is protected by an incubation bag.


Cut the plastic along the lines marked on the baleRemove the cut plastic and spread the peat moss cover covering the whole compostWet the peat moss, do not spray. Keep the cover peat always wet afterwards.Optimal temperature 20º Do not pour water on the pleorotus, but on the peat to wet the root

Where to place the kit? Place your kit in a clean and ventilated room. Remember that the recommended (average) temperature is 13-25 °C with an ambient humidity of 80%. Avoid direct sunlight, garages and spaces near boilers or radiators.

How do mushrooms come out? The mycelium develops forming a white mantle on the surface of the kit. You will be able to see its evolution thanks to the transparent window of the box. When the mycelium starts to show the mushroom primordia, you can remove the wooden lid to see the complete development of your crop.

Mushroom picking: each mushroom requires a different treatment. Pick the mushroom by twisting the foot at the base while the inner cap lamellae remain pink.The average production of 4-5 kg of oyster mushroom in the period of three months.Makes several blooms, collect when the mushrooms are grown and wait for new productionsRemember to keep the covering peat always wet

Watering: the kit does not usually need water until after the first production. However, if the substrate is dry, water the peat once a week (minimum). Then spray your kit once/twice a week after mushroom production. During the summer months the kit needs more humidity than the rest of the year, spray it regularly to prevent the substrate from drying out.

Fruiting conditions:

Pleorotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom)

Fruiting temperature: 16-25 ºRelative humidity: 90-95%Lighting required: 500 lux

Alpaca Oyster mushroom Features:

Oyster mushroom (P.ostreatus) mycological cultivation bullet: greenhouse-bag containing the mycelium (mushroom seed) and the substrate suitable for the cultivation of this mycological species.Dimensions: plastic greenhouse-bag (55 cm x 37 cm x 29 cm).Weight: 17-8 kg.Plastic greenhouse-bag (55 cm x 37 cm x 29 cm). Weight: 17-8 kg.Indicative calendar (availability of the production kit): all year round except July and August.

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